The Problem with Flickr.


It’s the best online photography (and I use that term lightly) social community. It’s packed with lots of shiny things to look at, and more and more and more each day. I have found a LOT of inspiration from looking at pictures from people all over the globe. I have gained happiness by having people “3 word comment” on my work. I first discovered HDR there, TTV and other creative outlets of photography. Things I had never even imagined.

It wasn’t far after that I realized that it’s really just a popularity contest. It doesnt matter what you post, or how good it is becuase the majority of people in your contacts, groups, and possibly even discussions are going to comment with their 2 cents, literally. Why? In hopes that you may take alook at their photostream and also, leave your 2 cents.

What happened to constructive critisim, or a thoughtful crituqe? Explore is broken. It is so easy to stick a photography in several (Post 1, Award/Comment/Fave 5 group which instatly boosts your interestingness. I have been guilty of trying out these groups, manily to expose people to my work. I was looking for encouragement & opportunites to learn. Posting a picture is just like getting in line like a sheep for the slaughter. 90% of the time, I do not comment. When I do, 99% of the time it is a thoughtful comment and is rarely less than 2 sentences. I speak about the feelings I get, the thoughts that run through my mind.

Every few days, err once in a while I check out the Explore page. Most of the time, it really is worthy of such an elite status. Time after Time, I see the same people with their photoshoped, manupiulated photos or something REALLY boring! The comments flow in on really bad “snapshots” and It’s makes me wonder. I don’t believe in picture perfect, and rarely say that a picture is “bad”, who am I to judge. Atleaset there should be some help explaining what is going on in the picture of your dog on your kitchen floor.

That is not interesting. It could be I am close minded to think that my pictures are good enough to be interesting to people but I have a reason behind why I take pictures. I take pictures to show people places they have never been, to see things they may night see otherwise. To keep memories alive, and to document the world around me before it is gone.  Enough about me.

The moral of the story? Flick is a popularity contest filled with drones who know how to use Photoshop.


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