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I quit smoking December 1st, 2009. It has been one month and one day. In my opinion, it was not as hard as everyone makes it out to seem, at least for me. It is not harder than quitting heroin as often said. You really need to just decide you aren’t going to smoke anymore and be done with it. I smoked from 10-28-1998 to 12-01-09 and quit without any side effects, withdrawal symptoms, and very little cravings.

I guess because I started for one of the most asinine reasons (looking back) doing a complete 360 from when I was a hardcore anti-smoking fucking poster girl in highschool – it just seemed right to quit. I am again, that anti-smoking advocate blasting smokers with my speech and constant belittling.. which helps me both stay not smoking, and hopefully pressuring others to evaluate their situation.

I am very happy, and proud that I did, even though it seems more of an accomplishment towards other people than myself. This is an ode to being a non smoker again. Sláinte.

Straight as an arrow
Defect defect


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