Originally uploaded by Love For Punk

More than a month ago I got an idea for a painting. I sketched it out a few weeks later, and finally got around to painting it today. It represents me…completely.

The rain cloud symbolizes the clutter and plaguing thoughts that get me down a lot of time.
The ocean stands more or less for the ocean of dribble I’m constantly spewing from my mouth without thinking. Often offending people, but not intentional.
The rainbow that is happiness is unable to escape beyond the ocean which is clogging up the sunshine below that I feel in my heart.
The palm tree and rays symbolize the happiness and the sun of course symbolizes my heart, while the pine tree and snow also attribute to the never ending indecisiveness I constantly feel with EVERYTHING in my life by being the exact opposite of my heart (my mind). The two also represent my favorite "earthly" seasons, the beach and snow 🙂


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