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A Static Lullaby

A Static Lullaby

Originally uploaded by BlairPhotography
I decided that each day I should search a random word on flickr and post my favorite & interesting photo that i could find within the first 10 or so pages. I found one, but the photographer had taken off the option to “blog this”. This is a very creative shot, and a lucky one at that.! I have no idea who the band is and frankly I dont care, but all in all its a very impressive shot.

Todays word was: Static


HDR – how to make one and why

HDR – how to make one and why
Originally uploaded by Mixmaster

Great little HDR Tutorial. For all of you wondering what HDR’s are all about. HDR standing for High Dynamic Range, one of my favorite “style” of photography. It may seem new, and mabye you even think its not *true* High Dynamic Range, if you would like some history.. I’m sure there are plenty of sites with valuable information as well as many arguements on why and why not this is real HDR photography.

HDR + Orton + Handheld

HDR + Orton + Handheld

Originally uploaded by Josh Sommers

This is not my photo. It was found on flickr today. It is one of the most surreal, beautiful images I’ve come across in some time. This is an HDR panoramic and it’s already inspired me.