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19 New Year’s Photo Resolutions

Get Schooled


Whether you just got your first camera or you’ve been shooting for years, chances are you don’t know everything there is to know about photography.

1. Take a class! – Check out the course listings at your local community center or college. Some camera stores also offer classes at a variety of skill levels.

2. Self-guided study – Don’t want to dole out the cash for a class, or just don’t have the time? Here’s a few places to start your self-guided study:

  • Wrap your mind around the Twelve Essential Photographic Rules from
  • Learn to speak your camera’s language and finally decipher all those hieroglyphics at PhotoNotes.
  • Make like Photojojo reader Irene and hit the books. She’s resolved to “really read the how-to books” she bought. Got to be better than trying to read the manual that comes with the camera.

3. Learn by studying the greats – Great photographs not only inspire you to go out and shoot, they can teach you valuable lessons in composition, framing, and exposure.

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